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Winter Waves on Georgia Straight

I live just steps from the mouth of the Fraser River which empties into the Straight Of Georgia. It never ceases to amaze me how much the ocean and sky can change in the different seasons and light

Debris Trap

Close to the mouth of the Fraser River just upstream from Steveston Harbour is a row of pilings jutting across from the shoreline. They appear to be the remnants of an old pier but are actually a 'Debris Trap' designed to deflect logs and material from flowing into and clogging the harbour downstream. The area is abundant with birds which spill over from the Reifle Bird Sanctuary on the opposite shore.

Fraser River Tide Pool

Near the mouth of the Fraser River the water levels rise and fall with the tides temporarily exposing the underwater plant life. Just across the river is the Reifle Migratory Bird Sanctuary which host thousands of migratory birds which find the tide pools abundant in food. This little piece is more akin to an 'brushed acrylic sketch' than a painting as it was completed very quickly.

Pears With Water Jug Still Life

Pears always seem to be a popular subject for Still Life Paintings. This little composition is painted in the classic style of 'chiaroscuro' which translates as 'light into dark'. Rembrandt was the master of chiaroscuro. He painted his subjects as illuminated from a single light source such as an open window or candle light. This gives the painting added tension and drama. I usually paint using objects found in our home; the little green water jug has been the subject of several of my works. I hope you like it.

Steveston Harbour Entrance at Garry Point

At the mouth of the Fraser River is a small peninsula that shows where the river flows into the Straight of Georgia. This small patch of land is called Garry Point Park. Along its shoreline sits a tall navigation tower that shows the passage way into Steveston Harbor. The tower is there to guide the many fish boats, pleasure craft, and marine vessels that ply the waters around Steveston Village in Richmond, British Columbia. The Park has a footpath that travels the circumference of the little peninsula which has many vantage points to view the river shoreline

Little Blue Pot and Lemons Still Life

The original of this Oil Painting received some minor damage; some scatches. Fortunately, I usually coat my oil paintings with 'Dammar Varnish'. Dammar Varnish (resin) is a recipe that many old school painters and museums use because it can be later removed in order to facilitate repairs or cleaning. Because of the condition of this little composition, I am only able to offer it as a print or reproduction

Rose and Green Jug Still Life

‘Chiaroscuro’ means light into dark. In this little still life I painted the water jug illuminated by a single light source. The effect is dramatic. As with most of my still life paintings the objects painted are items found in our home.

Wine Glass Still Life

As a trained Oil Painter, I have translated these skills to the Acrylic Paint medium. This work looks very much like an oil painting.

The Repentant Mary Magdalene

The Da Vinci Code Movie brought the story of the Mary Magdalene to the forefront. I painted this copy of Georges de la Tour's original painting which hangs in the National Gallery in Washington.

According to the tenets of the seventeenth-century Catholic church, Mary Magdalen was an example of the repentant sinner and consequently a symbol of the Sacrament of Penance.

In Georges de La Tour's somber canvas Mary is shown in profile seated at a table. A candle is the source of light in the composition, but the light also carries a spiritual meaning as it casts a golden glow on the saint's face and the objects assembled on the table. The candle light silhouettes Mary's left hand which rests on a skull that is placed on a book. The skull is reflected in a mirror. The skull and mirror are emblems of vanitas, implying the transience of life.

Sunflowers and Green Water Jug

I often paint from objects found in our home. I can then set up a still life scene so I can carefully study how the light illuminates and reflects on the objects. This little painting is done in oils.

Bean Pot and Lemons Still Life

I like to paint Still Lifes from objects found in our home. This painting is done is the classical style of "Chiaroscuro" which means light into dark. Subjects illuminated in this manner evoke tension and drama.

The Under Painting Wine Glass and Bottle

Sometimes when I start a painting I will do a monochrome under painting. I learned this technique many years ago while studying Fine Arts at University. Many of the old masters used this technique. This painting was done primarily in greys and was painted on a canvas washed in a coating of thinned raw sienna which shows through the brush strokes. I liked the effect so much, I left the painting as complete.

The Saint Mary Magdalene Rose

Historians have often associated the heart of Christ and the Saint Mary Magdalene with the rose. Many scholars are of the opinion that the Mary Magdalene was also the wife of Jesus. This has led to much conjecture as to whether the Mary Magdalene had also bore children of their union and had left a lineage of descendants

Reading by Candlelight Still Life

Most of my Still Lifes are painted from objects found in our home. My wife collects antique candle sticks so it is inevitable that one of hers found its way into one of my paintings. This painting was originally done as a monochrome under painting with the colours added as glazes. The effect makes the painting appear much older than it is, enhancing the antique objects presented.

Wave Action on Georgia Straight

I live close to the ocean and love to watch the waves. High winds can whip up some fairly large white caps out in Georgia Straight. In the background of this painting you can see the Gulf Islands and Vancouver Island in the distance.

Sunset On The Fraser River

Just up stream to Steveston Harbor, at the mouth of the Fraser River are a several pilings driven into the river bed. Their purpose is to deflect logs and debris away from the harbor entrance. This view is from the dike road looking west toward the Vancouver Island and is substance of many spectacular sunsets. This ever changing vista has been the subject of several of my paintings. I hope you like this one.